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Celebrity is a famous person who is widely honored and acclaimed for his/her work in the society. There are celebrities belonging to different arena such as movies, sports, politics, musicians, models, artists etc. Also these celebrities are subjected to constant media glare and paparazzi which are constantly on their toes to grab hot and spicy gossip to be published on various blogs and sites. To keep you updated regarding the latest celebrity gossip, there are a lot of sites which contain rumors and stories about your favorite celebrity which can be very mind boggling at times.

This site consists of all the celebrity gossip and news of Hollywood and reveals the secret affairs and intimacies. This site brings celebrity gossip from all over the world. The site contains different blogs containing different celebrity topics such as celebrity abortion, birth, death, marriage, pregnancy, hairstyle etc. also consists of a segment which concentrates on some of the most famous people in Hollywood which are rated by the users such as Britney spears, Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie.

This site contains popular blogs which are dedicated to bring up to date rumors, gossips and scandals all over from Hollywood. They are updated in every 5 minutes and apart from the latest celebrity gossip the other arena of gossips that the site includes are Hip hop gossip, Black celebrity gossip, General entertainment gossip, Movies gossip, Music gossip, Television gossip, Rap gossip. This site also contains a picture gallery of all the famous celebs and some of them are Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Britney Spears pictures, Leonardo de Caprio etc. The site also provides access to the readers to vote and write comments on the gossips that are being posted and it has a huge network of community.

This site is the largest producer and distributor of entertainment news and lifestyle related programming of famous Hollywood celebs. It is owned by the Entertainment Television Inc (“E”!). It includes gossip related to style, fashion and home designs. It presents up to date news on Entertainment, Original features, Gossip, Music and movie reviews and Live- event coverage. E! Online also have imminent gossip columnists such as gossip guru Ted Casablanca and TV diva Kristin. E! Online also provides the latest movie, fashion reviews and photo gallery of the famous celebrities. This site was also voted as the “Best Entertainment Website. It also one of the popularly rated gossip sites amongst the others.

This blog gives you an overview about the latest celebrity gossip and rumors regarding celebrity break ups, hook-ups, celebrity gossip scandals. It also contains blogs regarding the latest entertainment news, music videos and celebrity scandals. You can browse pictures of your favorite celebrities and stars. All the latest gossip from the world of celebrities starting from the hit show to X factor will be available on this blog. So browse in to have some fun and exciting news about your favorite celebrity.